The world of philanthropy in the year 2016

We could talk about philanthropy and how good is to give. We could also speak of those that receive your 10 percent and what it means to them. But no, we won’t talk about that. We will discuss major trends in philanthropy. Some of these trends are good, while others aren’t and we want to discuss both of those.

We want you to know everything that happens in the world of philanthropy. Some things you learn might cause mistrust in big organizations that send the money you give, but there will be news that will regain that trust. The point is to inform you about everything that happens in this world and we hope that you will recognize people that are true philanthropists as well as those that act as philanthropists for ulterior motives.

Philanthropy trends you should keep an eye on

istock_000009292466small111_crop380wThere is an increase in so-called politicized giving in which people give to attract attention to their political party. Both sides condemn this type of behavior, and both of those parties practice it. This ugly practice is widespread in an election year, and we can see the increase in giving from politicians and their supporters. This is good, on the one hand, as more money goes where it needs, and on the other hand, the lack of the philanthropy spirit behind that giving means that the giving will stop long before it creates an impact.

The latest big thing in this world is so called tech philanthropy. Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most prominent philanthropists of our age, and he calls for more giving from his peers. Whether they will heed the call and open their wallets is not clear. We just hope that other famous people from tech industry will follow in his steps and give as he gives.

crowdsourced-philanthropy-is-it-worth-the-risk-9a6b5d8a3eSome great philanthropists are calling for more giving towards the fight against climate change. Every year greets one new big donor that invests aka gives to this cause, but the numbers are still small. The lack of donations toward this cause is mainly due to lack of coverage of this problem. Many entities that have a say denounce the idea that we, as humans, are destroying our climate and thus media coverage of this subject is dangerously low.

Some more educated philanthropists are also addressing the issue of students leaving college without any idea how to find work. The increasing number of students leaves college not knowing the state of the economy and the lack of jobs in their working branch. Donors need to invest money in jobs as well as requalification of those students so that they could find employment.

Philanthropy – The conclusion


lexus-about-philanthropy-story1-desktop-1125x415-lex-stk-cy15-002101Rich people give their money to just causes, and they do that for many different reasons. Some of those reasons are acceptable, while others aren’t. The only reason to give shouldn’t be something grand, and it should be the will to give as well as having the money to give. People who can give should give and people who have enough to give, should also give. It’s as simple as that.