Are you planning to join the Australian Defence Force (ADF)? If so, the first thing you need to do is to pass the ADF Aptitude Test given to you during the YOU session. This is a Psychometric Test that will give the Defence Force an idea about your personal abilities and skills.

For many years, people always thought that one can never train or prepare an individual’s aptitude when he or she wants to join the ADF. But this stigma slowly fades away as more individuals testify about how helpful it is to enroll in an ADF Aptitude Test Preparatory Course.

When you want to find the best training centre for the Australian Defence Force aptitude test, always consider credibility and experience. Also, you have to make sure that you are aware of the things that you need while preparing for the Big Day!

The ADF Aptitude Testing Process

During the aptitude test, you will be asked to answer various questions within a period of time. You must get the most number of correct answers possible within the given time. The questions range from easy to difficult.

The ADF Aptitude Test in Australia is administered through either by a computer or in a paper-and-pencil format. You just have to choose as to what type of format you are comfortable with using. Be careful to listen to instructions and feel free to ask the supervisor for clarifications before starting the test. Click here Defence Ready for more details.

When taking the ADF aptitude test, you are allowed to take your personal belongings to your designated room. But, you need to turn off any electronic device, including your cellular phone. Aside from this, the use of a calculator, dictionary, or any material that will give you the advantage is strictly prohibited.

Pencils, paper, and an eraser will be provided during the test proper. Therefore, any misconduct and fraudulent acts will be duly sanctioned.

Preparation Tips

Even if some say that psychological tests don’t necessarily need preparation and reviews, it is still a practical step to equip yourself with ample knowledge and tips to give you self-confidence while preparing for the test.

  • While preparing for the ADF Aptitude Test Australia, try answering practice questions. Though these aren’t the real questions to come out in the test, these can boost your confidence and give you the idea of what to expect during the test.
  • Don’t prepare the night before the big day. Make sure to create a reasonable timeline as to when you should start studying for the aptitude test.
  • Be sure to be well rested and relaxed the night before the examination day. This will help you overcome anxiousness and be able to remember most of the things you’ve studied.
  • Once the test starts, make sure to read and understand the question carefully while being conscious of the time.

Taking One Step at a Time

Joining the Australian Defence Force is one great dream for anyone who wishes to serve the country. However, the preparation that you need for the initial YOU session is not a thing that must be taken for granted.

You need to prepare like you never did before. In order to do this, you need a reliable and trusted institution that will help you reach your goal. Find ADF Aptitude Test in Australia from Defence Ready, a centre that will help you become part of the military service. For more details, visit at


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