Make the Most of Your Visit to the Dermatologist

To make the most of your dermatologist’s appointment, the skin cancer clinic you consider should help you know how to prepare for and what to expect during a routine full-body skin examination. For instance, reliable doctors at a Carseldine medical clinic would recommend that before skin exam takes place, you need to do some proper preparation on your body in order to expect the correct outcome.

 Skin exams are meant to detect the presence of cancer on your skin. Therefore, if you want to know the reality whether you have skin cancer or not, you should do proper preparation on your skin, remove all nail polish, and follow all the instructions given by your preferred dermatologist. Read on to discover more.

Before the exam

As previously mentioned, before you visit a dermatologist for skin exam, ensure you remove all the nail polish on your fingernails and toenails. The specialist should look at your nails and nail beds since skin cancer can easily form there. On the other hand, you should also perform full body skin self-exams before you visit the technician and take a serious note of any new changing, itching, or bleeding moles. You also need to take note of growths and other lesions on your skin.  Check SmartClinics for more details.

For instance, reliable dermatologists at a Carseldine health clinic will suggest that during early stages of skin cancer development, you are the person who has the best chance of noticing small or vigorous changes on your skin. For that, it is advisable to work with a doctor who you trust and can share all your health secrets with. The doctor should attend to your problems anytime you call for him or her. For example, if you live in Australia, ensure you are in a strong touch with a reliable Carseldine family doctor who works at any reputed Carseldine medical clinic.

At the exam

The exam itself can be brief unless some inconvenience arises. An annual skin exam on a patient who has never had atypical or dysplastic moles takes about ten minutes. Atypical moles are benign and could be a risk factor for skin cancer. Therefore, the more moles you have, the longer the exam can take. Ask your dermatologist to examine closely any moles, growth, and lesions you noted during skin self-exam. Then, the dermatologist should biopsy all suspicious looking growths on your skin. If you have never evaluated your skin before, ask the specialist to show you how to do proper skin self-exam.

For that, ensure your technician is certified and trained in that specific field. This can help you trust his or her services. For example, if you want to seek health services, ensure you consider Carseldine health services offered by reliable clinics in Australia. Also, ensure you work with a certified doctor at  Carseldine medical clinic, who can offer a lasting solution to your skin problems. In addition, when performing skin self-exam you should know where to check and what to look for. Check areas like the scalp, between the toes, and the soles of the feet. Finally, you should ask questions. From spelling of challenging terms to recommendations for further research, your dermatologist should be able to address your concerns.

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